SPF – CloudBizz

Nowadays, a lot of major Email Service Providers (ESPs) like  Google (Gmail) or Microsoft (Hotmail) apply strict SPF & DKIM checking.

To ensure that your messages sent out from your CloudBizz email services to Gmail or other ESPs, we strongly recommend to add at least an SPF record to your domain name(s).

For a SoftFail SPF definition – following DNS TXT record should be added:

“v=spf1 include:spf.cloudbizz.lu. ~all”

For a HardFail SPF record definition – following DNS TXT record should be added:

“v=spf1 include:spf-strict.cloudbizz.lu -all”

Please be aware, that if you are using any other 3rd party email service like marketing/newsletter services or if your are sending messages from a website/webservice (not hosted on POST web services),  the IP addresses of these services must be added accordingly. Please contact these service providers to get the necessary ‘includes’ or IP addresses/ranges to be added.

If in doubt about the correct SPF record to apply, we would recommend to start with a SoftFail SPF record, which is more permissive and would tolerate receiving of messages from IP addresses not yet listed inside your SPF record.
However, a SoftFail SPF will not protect your domain name against spoofing.

SPF definition must be added via DNS TXT records to your domain name’s zone file .

If your domain name registered or hosted (DNS zone file) with POST, you can address your DNS modification request to dns@post.lu .
Else – if registered or hosted on a 3rd party DNS provider, please adapt the necessary DNS modifications accordingly.