EasyMail – Order process

To get further product information and order POST EasyMail, please consult POST’s EasyMail webpage.

On the POST’s EasyMail product description page you are able to subscribe to this service using a form (bottom of page).
Please fill in the fields as described in the screenshot below:

The credentials and data provided in the above screenshot are only for test purposes, please provide your own credentials and your domain name.

  • Wanted domain name’ -> your domain name which should be be allowed to use POST’s EasyMail services.
  • ‘First name’, ‘Last name’ -> the name of the contact person
  • ‘E-Mail’ -> the email address of the contact person

Once your subscription request has been submitted, the form’s style changed in a way to be able to modify or even delete your subscription:

Example of a submitted form which allows you to modify or delete your EasyMail subscription.

Furthermore, you will get an initial service message (from: postluxembourg@identials.lu – subject: POST Luxembourg – Easymail request via online form) summarizing your provided details and offering a possibility (link) to modify or even delete your request.

Example of such an initial EasyMail subscription message – from: postluxembourg@identials.lu – subject: POST Luxembourg – Easymail request via online form

Using the link (cliquez ici) inside the received message you will be directed to a webpage which will you allow to modify your provided data during initial EasyMail subscription process, or even delete your subscription definitively.

Sample of such a webpage, where you are able to apply and submit your modifications or delete definitively your EasyMail subscription process.

Submitting an initial or a modified form will also trigger a message sent to our EasyMail support team, which will now be able to launch the registration process.

For further details about the registration process, please follow this link.

Note: You are not able to subscribe to a new or second POST EasyMail product with a contact ‘E-Mail’ address already used during a former subscription – as long as you didn’t delete the subscription related to that ‘EMail’ address definitively !