Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions. If you don’t find the answer to your specific issue here, please contact

Q. Occasionally when I click on a link not all the information is displayed?
A. Due to the way different browsers handle pages, occasionally on some browsers will not display the information. As a work around click on a different page link and then go back to the section you want to display. This normally fixes the issue. If the issue persists please contact

Q. What are the POST DNS servers ?
A. Please check here.

Q. PTR records: couldn’t be added/modifed via your customer portal
A. Please send your modification request to

Best Practices

How should I configure my Zone file management?

  • MX must have a CNAME  -> RFC2181, you couldn’t point MX directly on an IP address
  • Recommended settings: origin -> A record -> IP address; www CNAME -> origin
  • Use as much as possible CNAMES, this will ease maintenance works, avoid CNAME pointing to CNAME
  • Create SPF entry as TXT record – start with a soft fail, and watch your log files before setting hard fail, else you risk messages (FalsePositives) to be rejected
  • Don’t use short TTLs (< 3600 sec) as a standard, but only during migration works. We recommend standard TTL values of 3600 sec, larger TTL might cause delays when you need to switch urgently