EasyMail – Registration

After having subscribed to POST EasyMail service, POST will get a message with your data provided and will launch the registration process.

After having launched the registration process, the contact person (as provided during subscription) will get a message (from: noreply@easymail.post.lu – subject: Register your Easymail) inviting to follow a registration link and provide further details about your person/enterprise as well as some other data to finalize registration to POST EasyMail.

Sample message, inviting contact person to follow link and start final registration of POST EasyMail services.

Following the URL (link) inside the message, will direct the customer to a registration webpage:

Sample of registration webpage – please provide your credentials and data as explained below.

Data to be provided to finalize registration of POST EasyMail services:

  • Email : an email address used to connect to POST EasyMail services and based on the your provided domain name
  • Password (confirmation): please take care to define a password with at least 16 characters , containing at least
    • 1 Upper letter (A-Z)
    • 1 lower letter (a-z)
    • 1 digit (0-9)
    • 1 special character (i.e. $+-/&%)
  • First Name & Last Name: contact person (could be identical to the one as defined during subscription process)
  • Email Owner: email address of contact owner or generic/distribution email address – this address will be used to inform customer about new features, issues or product modifications.
  • City, Street, Postal Code, Country: the location of your enterprise or your private location – this address may also be used to inform you about EasyMail service modifications
  • Phone number: a contact phone number
  • All other fields are NOT mandatory and could be left empty
  • Don’t forget to tick/select the ‘Terms and conditions’ before submitting your final registration using the ‘Save email’ button .

After having submitted your final registration to POST EasyMail services, the panel will display a message as following:

Furthermore, a message has been sent to your contact email address (Email Owner) as provided during the registration process.
This final registration message (from: noreply@easymail.post.lu – subject: Welcome to Easymail – <YOUR_DEFINED_EMAIL>) will contain all details to connect to POST’s EasyMail SMTP submission relay services.

Registration message as sent to contact person – from: noreply@easymail.post.lu – subject: Welcome to Easymail – <YOUR_DEFINED_EMAIL>

Using your credentials as provided during final registration and configuration details as described inside ‘Welcome to EasyMail’ message, you should now be able to connect your email system (server, email client, printer/scanner, IoT, …) and use POST’s EasyMail services as an SMTP submission relay to send messages into the internet.

Please note, that port 25 is NOT allowed for EasyMail SMTP submission and SMTP AUTH is mandatory !

Most Microsoft based email software (i.e. Outlook) prefer port 465 and SSL/TLS (encrypted SMTP).
Whereas, many other software or devices are relying on port 587 – STARTTLS (encrypted SMTP) .
If your device supports both of them, we would recommend to apply port 465 – SSL/TLS .

Please note: POST EasyMail should currently only be used for SMTP submission (outgoing email traffic).
Incoming traffic (POP/IMAP) is currently not covered by EasyMail – please continue to use your current settings to read your mailbox.

If you are encountering any problems during POST EasyMail configuration, please assure that you are using the correct credentials as provided during registration and the configuration settings as described, before contacting our support channel .