EasyMail – Overview

Why EasyMail ?
Maybe you used smtp.pt.lu as your SMTP submission relay, or you have a need to send out mass mailing, newsletters, invoices or any other email traffic to many customers.

Why smtp.pt.lu could not anymore be used ?
smtp.pt.lu is a submission service strictly reserved to POST residential email services (@pt.lu) . When using your own domain name (i.e. @example.com) you should not use smtp.pt.lu as an SMTP submission relay (sending messages into the internet).
Historically, this has been tolerated during the last years.
To provide a better protection to our customers, we are forced to restrict access to smtp.pt.lu and enforce authentication and encryption.

As from 31 December 2023, access to smtp.pt.lu will be restricted to POST residential customers with @pt.lu email addresses !
Furthermore, usage of smtp.pt.lu as SMTP submission relay should be compliant to our new email security policy.

Please consult our support page to get all necessary information on how to configure your email clients or email systems (printer/scanner) correctly.

Benefits of EasyMail ?
You can send out your messages using EasyMail’s SMTP relay services – so your outgoing email traffic is handled by our Geo-redundant infrastructure, where messages are sent into the internet using several distinct IP addresses or delivered directly to POST’s local email customers. Your outgoing IP address(es) will not risk to get black listed.
Furthermore, outgoing email traffic is passing our high level AntiVirus and AntiSpam mechanisms – to avoid that your domain name gets a bad reputation, and nevertheless assuring delivery of valid newsletter or marketing/mass mailing.

How to order EasyMail ?
To get further information and enable your domain name(s) to use EasyMail as your SMTP relay submission service, please consult POST’s EasyMail webpage.

For a detailed order process description, please follow this link.

Costs of EasyMail ?
EasyMail is free of charge until 31 December 2024 !

Future enhancements of EasyMail services ?
EasyMail SMTP submission relay services is just a starting point.
Further features and services will be announced during 2024:

  • MX relay services – which might also enable incoming email traffic to pass over POST EasyMail. So, all email traffic – incoming (MX) and outgoing (SMTP) could transit via POST EasyMail services:
    • as incoming and outgoing email traffic is passing via EasyMail, only necessary ports can be opened to/from EasyMail, your local email server could be hidden behind a Firewall – no direct access by the internet, protected against DDoS or any other malicious attacks.
    • all incoming traffic would be checked by numerous email security mechanisms:
      • IP reputation – SenderScore
      • AntiSpam
      • AntiVirus
      • Outbreak filtering
      • different content filtering (to cover zero-day attacks)

Further information ?
Please consult also the product description on our website.